Reviews » Only Lovers left Alive, Jarmusch, 2013
Only Lovers left Alive, Jarmusch

Oh My Lord!

by Ilaria Bussoni

[9.6.14] - A couple, two lovers. It starts with a separation. Tangier on the one hand, Detroit on the other. A place of brocades, anklets, strides along the pavement, guttural sounds.

[en] Oh My Lord!

Reviews » La grande bellezza, Sorrentino, 2013
La grande bellezza, Sorrentino

La fragilità della bellezza

by Federica Martiny

[23.6.13] - La mondanità romana, con le sue feste fino all'alba, i suoi lussi e i suoi pettegolezzi, è la cornice privilegiata della miseria esistenziale dei singoli personaggi che si muovono sulla scena

[it] La fragilità della bellezza

Reviews » Crooked Earth, Pillsbury, 2001
Crooked Earth, Pillsbury

Prime-time activists in 'Crooked Earth'

The meta-narrative of Aotearoa New Zealand film

by Davinia Thornley

[12.4.13] - 'Crooked Earth' (Sam Pillsbury 2001) presents a compelling case study of a new millennium shift for the New Zealand Film Commission: away from quotas for indigenous, nationally-orientated themes and more overtly towards packaging Aotearoa New Zealand’s (ANZ) specific interests and issues into an internationally-marketable format. A film like 'Crooked Earth' represents this divide in microcosm.

[en] Prime-time activists in 'Crooked Earth'

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Films and Finality

Dossier on the Last Film

edited by Ryan Prout

Films and Finality

[19.5.13] - A dossier on the last film: not to mark, celebrate, or mourn the death of analogue film per se but to consider how a film becomes invested with more meaning, or a different meaning than its makers intended.

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