Reviews » La grande bellezza, Sorrentino, 2013
La grande bellezza, Sorrentino

La fragilità della bellezza

by Federica Martiny

[23.6.13] - La mondanità romana, con le sue feste fino all'alba, i suoi lussi e i suoi pettegolezzi, è la cornice privilegiata della miseria esistenziale dei singoli personaggi che si muovono sulla scena

[it] La fragilità della bellezza

Reviews » Crooked Earth, Pillsbury, 2001
Crooked Earth, Pillsbury

Prime-time activists in 'Crooked Earth'

The meta-narrative of Aotearoa New Zealand film

by Davinia Thornley

[12.4.13] - 'Crooked Earth' (Sam Pillsbury 2001) presents a compelling case study of a new millennium shift for the New Zealand Film Commission: away from quotas for indigenous, nationally-orientated themes and more overtly towards packaging Aotearoa New Zealand’s (ANZ) specific interests and issues into an internationally-marketable format. A film like 'Crooked Earth' represents this divide in microcosm.

[en] Prime-time activists in 'Crooked Earth'

Reviews » Schloß Vogeloed, Murnau, 1921
Schloß Vogeloed, Murnau

Absent Interiors

Murnau’s The Haunted Castle and Taking-Leave

by Steve Choe

[27.7.12] - This essay reads F. W. Murnau’s 1921 film, The Haunted Castle (Schloß Vogelöd - Die Enthüllung eines Geheimnisses), in relation to the experience of trauma resultant from the First World War. It shows how the empty rooms of the castle may be read to allegorize the internalization of loss by those who survived.

[en] Absent Interiors

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Films and Finality

Dossier on the Last Film

edited by Ryan Prout

Films and Finality

[19.5.13] - A dossier on the last film: not to mark, celebrate, or mourn the death of analogue film per se but to consider how a film becomes invested with more meaning, or a different meaning than its makers intended.

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